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My name is Damion Sharpe I have been teaching Improv for ten plus years, incorporating growth and awareness into fun games that create laughter and transformation. I am interested in creating space for being~ confidence, patience,connection, love, joy, and whatever else wants to be explored. I have completed a two year Leadership and Transformationalprogram with The Hendricks Institute. Learning cutting edge facilitating and transformational skills. I am a life coach through The Hendricks Institute.

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People Who Love My Work

Damion Sharpe creates safe, engaging and fun spaces to deepen your connection with the present moment, your heart and those around you.

Dave Berman

Hypnotherapist, Laughter Therapist, Coach, Speaker, Author, Manifest Positivity

I have felt Damion Sharpe hold this space for a wide variety of emotions and aspects of the human experience. The angry, playful, sad, joyous, confused, curious, fearful… all seem to be witnessed by him without judgment, held in compassion, and appreciated for their role in guiding everyone who’s present to a more full embodiment of our Authentic Nature.

Terra Pearson

Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Holistic Bodywork

I wanted to share with others how wonderful it was to attend one of Damion Sharpe’s workshops. I attended the “Be Inspired Playshop” he held in Blue Lake Ca. It was fun and interactive. I found it to be a wonderful internal experience as well.  He assists in helping others be present in the moment in a fun and exciting way, integrating meditation, movement and roleplaying and other techniques as well. I would highly recommend his workshops to all.       Blessings

Kausalya, (Denise) Payne-Ollivier RASi

Jikiden Reiki Shihan-Kaku, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Therapy, Certified Master of Crystology, Healing with Reiki and Sound