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My Beloved,


I saw you first in a vision

You were as strong as the wind and soft as sun soaked rose petals

I tried to see you and put form to your beauty

To locate you in one place   one thing      one person

But as my very eager hands would gesture to where you are you would move

Your movements like a dance of butterflies escaping feet by a river stream

I held this vision and continued my search


I felt you as sleep entranced my eyes to heavy

Before I gave in to the nights rest

A feeling that our hearts are one

That you truly get me

Always wanted that

That my visions, spiritual journeys, and mystic silent diving

You could vibe

I smiled as I let loose to sleep


Then there was that time in a group meditation

I saw your eye

It was powerful yet gentle

It was a relaxed gaze blanketing peace

I began to want to fill in the face

I became curious what you looked like

Then I took your invitation and relaxed into the experience of the moment

Breathing I saw again your eye of peace

It has always been with me since


I felt an urgency arise to find my beloved

Where is she? What must I do? I have got to just get out there (as they say)?

As I checked within I was instructed:

To just continue my creative aspirations

And trust that when I see her I will know

I will know by the way she dances with space and time and how she weaves reverence and spirit into all of life; how she Dances with God


I began to tune in with my beloved in meditations and still do

And focus on what our energies combined together create

I saw us as a clear powerhouse couple

Where our dances complimented each other’s

We supported each other, heart and soul

I saw my beloved sitting across from me as our energies danced together

Many colors swirling and energy moving heavens breathe into life



Oh and as I explored deeper our union the visions got clearer


Questions just arose:

Do I dare share my visions?

Is the sacred to be sheltered from words and sight due to fear of wolves in sheep clothing?

Or is it our very duty to share the sacred with all to tune each ear to our deeper calling of dancing spirit and form upon our time on this beautiful earth?


So I choose to share…


As I saw you, my beloved, in meditation

I focused on our union and what emerged from it

The vision cleared of us surrounded by Angels singing

The Angel’s song was the very wind around us

We were holding a chalice between us with one hand each

It seemed we were in a castle of clouds

There was water filling and overflowing the chalice

At our feet the overflowing water created a river

The river moved through the valleys and mountains of the earth

The river nourished the land


This vision is with me and continues to evolve…


Remember the one time that out of the river Buffalo began running unto the land?

That we were part of bringing the Buffalo back.


Remember the many time we danced in this vision as our chalice overflowed?


Remember making love in the waterfall till we became the very water and then the ocean?


I remember


As my adventure connecting with my beloved continued

At times in ease and at times with a sense of urgency

I began to see that my Beloved is already here with me


The words divine masculine and feminine arose

To describe the ones holding the chalice

I saw that as I create this union within then I could experience it without

So with that knowledge in my heart I continued on

With less urgency and increased curiosity

Connecting with you, my Beloved



I still feel you out there through the mist of the night and often as I did last night say,    “I love you”

As my head is on the pillow I envision my words landing upon your heart

As I look to the moon lit sky and relax my body and soul into the wind of angels


So I continue to create the aspirations of my heart

And dance the masculine and feminine energies within into harmony

I see the beloved dancing through all nature

Through each person

Through each moment

Through this breath


I also want to make the vision real

And hold this chalice of union together

I look forward to meeting you

My beloved


And celebrate how you dance spirit into form



Your Beloved