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Step Into The Magic    

Stories, insights, explorations into living a life full of passion, purpose, joy, ease, abundance, and authenticity

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About the Book:

From epic 60-page stories to short and sweet 3-pagers, with everything in between,
‘Step Into The Magic’ is a new book concept that combines stories with experiential exercises, insights and real life applications, all of which are designed to help people live life to the full while teaching them to create what they most want.

The book aims to give each reader a positive experience. An opportunity to transform their life through play, laughter and insightful entertainment.

Inspired by the author’s desire to share his love for play and exploration as a tool for transformation, ‘Step Into The Magic’ shows the power storytelling has to entertain and open minds to ideas, laughter, feelings, visions, empowering questions and new choices. The book has its own unique rhythm which combines insight, exploration and entertainment through fiction

Acting From Within

A guide for bringing impact, power, and presence into your actions.


About the Book:

This book comes from my experience with Theatre, film, and improv. the books is geared to all people who want more presence and power in their actions in the world. It is also very helpful to actors and all artist regardless of medium to support you in creating your being as a clear vessel for creativity to flow with ease. Also from my many years of teaching improv and acting with a goal towards playing into transformation. I use the break down of doing a production looking at emotions, set, presence, creating action steps, and more all tying it to everyones life. for example looking at set design we are looking at ones home and is it designed to support your higher vision of your life and steps to getting it lined up right. also many practices for creating emotional literacy and body awareness. with the end goal to direct the reader to be able to create a life where ones actions are connected to their essence (hearts aspirations) and thus have a power and impact that legacy is made of!

 Step Into The Magic Performance

This is a show of powerful transformation, fun,

laughter, exploration, depth, improv,

music, storytelling, and audience participation!

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