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Question: Are there soul mates or is this another illusory attachment of the un-awakened?


         The concept of soul mates has taken many forms in my experience of seeing it through stories, films, literature, metaphysical/spiritual discussions, and various Short articles. Regardless of the many interpretations and opinions I heard about if soul mates exists or not I have had many experiences that formed my own personal belief about soul mates. I believe in a concept that soul mates do exist. I have through meditation, visions, and shamanic journeying connected to the world of soul mates, of the concept that there are certain souls that vibe together in a unique way. If you asked me if there is one soul mate per soul, I would sway to the possibility that there are many souls we can feel are our soul mates. Yet I am open to the idea that there is one person that is your soul mate if so you would know if you met them.

            The distraction factor of this Soul Mate search, looking for the perfect match, is that we are focused outside. Looking for the one to save us from ourselves, our feelings, loneliness, and to sweep us off our feet. This is a distraction from looking within and being the very person you want to be with. My journey of exploration into the concept of soul mates has lead me to focus on the relationship between the feminine and masculine energy within myself. And becoming the model within of the relationship I want without. How is your masculine and feminine energy dancing within? Are they working together? Battling? One scared of the other? If this seems super trippy to you, believe me it is! It is in the field of energy and one easy access to how you are dancing the masculine and feminine within is to connect to how you carry your parent’s way of being. Though you may want to deny you are anything like either one of them, you learned from your parents/caregivers in the very beginning how to respond and react to the world around you through their example.

Thinking upon who raised you it maybe easy to decipher who represented the masculine and feminine way of expression, though it may have been a bit distorted from acculturation. As you pick them out take a moment to imagine one of your hands and arm being the energy of the masculine and the other hand and arm being feminine energy and move them about accordingly. See how the move together or if they at odds with each other. Really play all out with representing each-energy in your hands and arms, being kind to yourself and others around you of course. Now focus on how you can have them dance together in union, it may take creating a new movement to represent these energies. Take a moment exploring how these energies can move together in reverence. If you ever want to take it to another level try having half of you body represent feminine and the other masculine and try walking and moving about and discovering how to move those energies into a dance of mutual respect within.

            Soul Mates have to do with, in my opinion, the dancing of the masculine and feminine in a way that honors the sacred. I invite you to use the outside world as a mirror in the instance of soul mates, true love, and finding the perfect one; a mirror showing you that your desire for the outside experience is actually your hunger within for union of all of you. You will increase your health and spirituality, as you begin to create a dance of reverence with each organ, cell, atom, emotion, movement, aspiration, and breath. Moving this dance of sacred union which is a dance of reverence for all in all you being and relations. This deep state of listening from ones heart and whole body begins to move you into a new world where you see love flowing through all. As you build your new relationship of the masculine and feminine energy within you begin to witness those who come into your life as closer matched to you inner world. Though you may have met or will meet another person who is your Soul mate or just a really good match, it is through your inner work that you opened yourself for this new relationship, and your continued movement towards positive growth allows you to ever deepen your relationship with self and others.

            Take time daily regardless if you are with the one or searching for, to deepen the sacred union within. If this seems obscure fret not for as you spend time envisioning and feeling into energy dancing within it will become clear what this means for you. Take 5 minutes a day visioning your feminine and masculine energy dancing within. Also, during this time imagine a person sitting before you representing the other person (masculine or feminine) and witness what is being created in the space between you both as you connect. What is emerging from your combined energy? What is your unique dance of energy together? If you are in search of a soul partner or have one imagine they are sitting in front of you as your eyes are closed and envisioning what your union is creating. Now create that within and hold that as the way you are going to dance with all the world throughout the day. As a lover you dance celebrating the beauty and connection of life’s every wave.





The heartbeat of the lover

Beats within

The rivers flow

Bringing life from your head to your toes

Lovers we are

Roots in soul

Stars reflecting

In pools calm and wide

In vision


The union

Spirit and form


New Question:

What are some of the big lessons and blessings from past and/or current relationships and

how have they influenced your ‘now’?