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Unlock your blissful future

To facilitate individual transformation by reflecting authentic happiness.

Mission Statement

Around here, we tie up our laces and step fully into the new. That means letting go of the things no longer serving us. Isn’t it time you start living the story you want to write? Through connected, playful entertainment in the form of music, books, films, workshops and performances, I’m able to create a sense of peace, hope, inspiration and wholeness for individuals ready to embark on a journey like never before.

About Damion


Damion Sharpe is an author, actor, filmmaker, musician, improv-artist, and workshop facilitator. Curious from a young age, Damion began exploring meditation and the world of energy, spirituality and transformation. His deep connection with the earth and desire for peaceful existence has motivated him to follow a philosophy that incorporates play, humor, body awareness and depth. Today, he shares his unique understanding of the world with those who are inspired to lead the life they want to live.
Damion has been teaching improv and acting since 2001. He also completed a two-year ‘Leadership and Transformation’ program at the Hendricks Institute. Damion holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from UC Davis, California and continued his studies with a year of advanced stage movement (Comedia Dell’Arte) and teaching general education with a focus on group learning styles.