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Music to groove and move


the heart, body, and soul.


The Cd, Step Into The Magic, is now ready for you.


       With international artist from Italy and Venezuela.                        This Cd started in a California studio, traveled to         Venezuela then to Italy and now to you!


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Damion Sharpe’s Music is intended to inspire the opening of the heart+ mind+ body into living a free, full, and peaceful life. Damion has always loved the Journey that music can take one on; seeing through new eyes, allowing the imagination to soar, opening the heart to receive love and kindness, and that makes you want to groove. Damion Sharpe hopes his music will groove your soul into living full and free, and playing all out in open fields of possibilities.

Music and Lyrics by Damion Sharpe
Damion Sharpe: Guitar, Bass, and Vocals
Kira Wiess^: Cello Norlene Olmeda*: Cello
Giovanni Maucieri: Drums, Mixing and Mastering
Recorded at Sapphire Studios, Eureka, CA
Giovanni M. recorded in Italy
Noreen O. recorded in Venezuela
Album art done by, Jeff Stanley … paintingsbyjeffstanley

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