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Step Into The Magic

Curious wonderings to support you in living a joyous, free, healthy, and abundant life!

Powerful Releasing Exercise!

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The fear that can arise following ones instincts can be around doing something inappropriate or something that will get a negative response in life. Though we can’t control others, for real, we cant control others- we can connect first within to our heart, body and mind then weave it with our spirit/souls aspirations and then steep ourselves in the trust that the world is for the best in us and all, then allow those wild ways to express themselves. sing, dance, appreciate, give, and much more from a place of deep connection. Possibly in a place it is not normally done. Let your true joyous instinct of the overflow express into the world.

Note: a great step you can take is to clean up any trauma, held emotions, shame, and so forth so you can be clear. You may find working with others very helpful; also there are many different support systems for release of the old and stepping into the new. Below is an easy breathing exercise I have used to release trauma/shame/old beliefs/emotional holdings and increase peace, freedom, and focus in my life!

Releasing Exercise:

 use your breath in and out as the tool in this exercise along with your willingness to dive deeper and let go.

get comfortable and be prepared to move, if sitting sit in a way you can move your spine.

1.) Take a few easy full breathes in and out, eyes gently closed, feel each in-breath fully contact your whole body as each out breath gives you a deeper release and sense of relaxation. Do this for 3-7 breaths.

2.) Continue with your easy full Breaths as you focus on a place in your body that feel constricted/tense/tight. Begin to let your in-breath connect to that area of tightness. Next take your hands to where it is and imagine you can take it into your hands and hold it. As you are holding it in front of you (eyes still gently closed) notice some aspects of this tense/constricted part of you…

Its Weight? Take a breath discovering its weight.

It’s Texture? Take a breath discovering its texture.

It’s Color? Take a breath discovering its color.

Begin to get a sense of what it is…as you let it bring to your mind an image of the past that is related to the experience of this tension. Notice any feelings you are having and let them express freely, without recycling any story of why you feel this way or the past experience. Take another moment to fully see, “from the past this reminds my of?” Get a clear vision and feeling about what this constriction is about.

3.) Now continue holding this constriction as you begin to uncover the gift and what wants to be released. The release comes from us facing it fully, giving it room to breath, listening to what it needs, and forgiving others and ourselves fully. The gift is within this and often is easily discovered through our release. So as you breath easy and full ask yourself these series of questions to support you in your discovery.

Holding the Constriction in your hands before you (our maybe it is just imagining it before you, or you have your hands on your body where you feel it) ask these questions and take as many breaths as needed to rest into a answer that creates deeper connection, feeling, and release.

*What do you want to share with me? (Something you want to express through words or sounds?)

*What is something that has been held back (Sound + Movement)? I am willing to support its expression now in a way that honors my body, mind, and soul.

*What do you need for completion, for freedom, for a sense of safety, and for peace? As you receive what the answer is begin giving what was asked.

*(Statement) I am now giving you__________!

* (Statement) I now forgive myself and (other people involved if any)__________ fully. Repeat this aloud till you feel a shift within, lighter and/or more spacious.

*(Statement) I release you to the earth for transmutation and healing! Create a gesture of releasing this all to the earth, to spirit, to healing. Witness as it releases.

* Put your hands to the place where the constriction was, and still may be a bit, and ask this question to it… ?What is your gift to me? Breath in the answer.

* Hands still near or on the body area…What do you want, how do you want to express your gift to the world? Breath in the answer.

Witness this part/area of your body now living and breathing more fully. Breath into it and as you exhale watch its gift spread over the whole world, starting first with your body, then the space around you, then your community, country world and even out to the cosmos.

Create an action step something you can do today or tommorow to support this gift being given. (could be as simple as a walk/bath/ocean time/meditation)

Give thanks for your experience and willingness to dive deep.

Create a sound of completion.

Take a moment to walk in nature or even take an Epson salt bath, or both!

Make sure you feel connected to your body before going about doing things. As this work can expand you, we still need to be body aware, so walking around and just bringing awareness to how you are experiencing the weight of your legs, arms, feet, head, and so on for a minute our two can ground you and ultimately help the full integration of your experience.

Thank you for you!

Damion Sharpe

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