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The 3 steps to Creating and Changing the World Around You!

The Alchemist Way.

!Belief, Attitude, and Action!


            The world around you is constantly inviting you to dance in the power of creation with all its forms, elements, and energies. As you look around you see all of life as an ongoing co-creation where your belief’s, attitudes, and action help shape it. You may feel in some aspects of life you are just an innocent bystander, yet I am here to invite you to look deeper. Not that you’re not deep…so more appropriate words could be, to support you in checking in (shinning your awareness flashlight within) and increase your creative powers!

Notice if any of these aspects of your life you feel you are a victim to; and feel you have no influence or co-creative power to change:

    *Your body?

     *Your health?

       *Your Mind (including memory and mental health.)?


         *Relationships (Friends, partner, and family.)?

          *Living Situation?




 I am not saying you need to go into controlling any of these, for controlling others or aspects of our life is coming from fear, it is a common move to try to control others or the world around you so you can feel better within. The game of waiting till it’s all in order outside of you before you make your move is another version of this. The move we first need to make is to go within. Use the outside world and feedback as a reflection of what is ready to shift within and what needs our attention: also, what wants to be celebrated.

            Each of the above aspects of life I listed look at them and see which ones you have a reaction to like, “There’s no way I can influence that it just happens, I can’t change that!”

        As you discover those aspects think upon each one individually and the attitude and beliefs you formed around them from parents, family, peers, advertising, music, movies, TV, and so forth. Be willing for a moment to play with creating some new beliefs around each of them.

        We are not shaming or blaming here, we are taking back our power in areas of our life we have become unengaged in and scared to face our own habits of mind, body, and soul. Accepting the fact that we have got us where we are in life (through our choices, habits, attitude, and focus) is the first step to facing our limiting beliefs.

         I am also not diving into the level of others peoples wrong behaviors, other than suggesting you don’t hang out with them anymore, and if you are in an abusive relationship get help from others and away from the abuser (be it emotional or physical no one deserves abuse, ever).

         The next step is to feel all your feelings and then move into forgiveness. For in forgiveness you lighten your load and empty your vessel for more pure creative power and energy to move through you. (Check out ‘radical forgiveness sheets’ some free sheets to fill out that can support you, also if it feels really daunting, make an appt. with a counselor/coach/healer/shaman whichever seems the most comforting/supportive).

         If you are under 18 and there is abuse in your home talk to someone at school or a professional in the community to figure out your best steps, it is a challenge I know since we want to protect our parents/caregivers and ourselves, and also because as youth we are repeatedly put in ‘the power of others’ and it can create a feeling that we have no power, no choice.

OK, back to exploration.

          As you feel into the aspects you believe you have no control over, see the built up belief in each one due to family and cultural influences. For example if it around your health, you may have had like me years of hearing, “You never know when you can get sick it just happens” or “you can’t control if you get someone’s cold or flu.” I am not suggesting testing it by hanging out with a bunch of people with the flu! I am speaking from my experience where I have noticed more clearly that every time I get sick, it has started either with a fear thought or is created by me not listening to my bodies first call out for rest. The last time I got sick I could trace it back to a few weeks before when I kept thinking to myself, “Oh I need a break in nature, I should go camping.” I kept hearing this and even said it to some people, yet didn’t go camping, just stayed busy on my various projects. Then I got sick and was forced to rest yet it was not as fun as camping!

There are unexplainable things that happen that we may not even see why or the gift till years later, sometimes ten to twenty years later. To create change in our lives, it is in the here and now we must claim our power of belief, attitude, and action to become conscious shape-shifters in the world around us.

This morning in meditation I saw the world as if it was a shape-shifting dancer inviting me to dance, to bring my intentions and creative magic to the dance floor of life. Another way I saw it was as soft clay that can be shaped by my attitude, belief’s and actions, and that it is awaiting me to engage with it fully. Also, that life wants the best for us, but within the law of cause and effect  life gives us what we are focused upon without judgment. So it is a great time to look at these three things that form our creative power: Belief, Attitude, and Action!









an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

“his belief in the value of hard work”



trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.

“a belief in democratic politics”


faith, trust, reliance, confidence, credence

“belief in the value of hard work”



            Belief is formed in many ways from experiences, trauma, parents, peers, culture, religion, and media. Belief is the very structure that forms the way we move energy and thoughts through our body, mind, and experiences. Belief shows up as our attitude in the day-to-day world that influences how we respond or react and how others respond or react to us. Belief and attitude combined create the way we see the world around us and what stories we make up about it all.

            As you may see now, or have already, it is advantageous for you to inspect your beliefs and be prepared to let go of old limiting beliefs as you create new ones. The very foundation of this all can be built on the rule of increase. The rule of increase is natures rule that all is truly striving for the increase of all life. This may be hard to see from even one-lifetime scope, so broaden the view to see many lifetimes. Let the belief of abundance being available for all be your new foundation, your new default. The opposite of this is the belief of scarcity, that there is not enough to go around. From this belief of scarcity has arisen: poverty, hunger, water issues, climate challenges, homelessness, war, and more. So it is good to change your foundation of being to the belief of increase, have total faith and believe in the abundance of all of life. When you look around you focus on the goodness, abundance, and potential in all things.

So what you can do is scan your beliefs now and throughout your days for which ones are built on the concept of scarcity; fear. When you find the scarcity-rooted belief let it go and create a new one rooted in the Law of Increase, in abundance, in goodness. (Wallace D. Wattles talks in more depth of the ‘increase’ in his books)

 Right now take one of those above aspects of life you felt you have no or very little power to influence and explore the belief that supports it. Then create a new belief in the foundation of love and goodness. As you see the fear-based belief there will likely be emotions tied up around all the stories of why this belief is true, also likely trauma around some, but in order to release each belief, you need to face, feel, and forgive. Let the emotions flow freely without story and then forgive yourself and others. Next, create a new belief that supports the best of you and life to manifest. 

An example:

The parental and cultural belief I took on “If we have money/fancy things others suffer!”

Feelings- Anger that moved into Sadness.

Forgiveness- forgive my parents for instilling this belief, and ultimately myself for deciding to take it on. (Note some of the parent’s beliefs I didn’t take on so I discovered I had chosen some -unconsciously or consciously-)

 Do this with each one from the list above; plus you can always come back to it later. Also, your willingness to explore this opens a door to a new level of awareness to be able to shift old limiting beliefs as you see them arise in your life’s experiences. Next, let us explore attitude.










  1. a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

“she took a tough attitude toward other people’s indulgences”


view, viewpoint, outlook, perspective, stance, standpoint, position, inclination, temper, orientation, approach, reaction; More

  1. a position of the body proper to or implying an action or mental state.

“the boy was standing in an attitude of despair, his chin sunk on his chest”


position, posture, pose, stance, bearing

“an attitude of prayer”


            Attitude is your internal beliefs reflecting and moving into your dance with life. Attitude is the beginning of you moving into the action of shaping the world around you. If you imagine life, as a piece of clay and you the sculpture your belief is what level of potential you can imagine within the clay before you, this is what activates the creative mind to imagine to new heights, to see the unseen. Next, your attitude is how you begin to move towards, how you hold your tools of sculpting, how you move through each step of shaping the clay, and your action is you actually making contact and bringing your belief and imaginings into form. 

            The amazing thing is we are doing this all the time. It is sometimes easier to see this in others. One great place to explore this is next time you go to eat or at a coffee shop sit where you can see people enter in, best if it is a door they have to open or walk through. As you sit there notice each person and how they enter, become curious about their attitude and see how that attitude they carry is the thing you are witnessing as they walk in, it is unseen yet the more you explore this it will become palpable. Also, notice when a family or a couple walk in, notice the differences and similarities in them. Then move this into your entrances, be aware of how you make entrances and what attitude you are bringing forth. Then for even more fun try entering in ways you never would and see how that shifts your attitude. Walk in with big strides or tiny ones, walk-in humming or singing, or…?

            The other thing to play with is thinking of an attitude you want to create for example confidence and practice embodying that attitude through how you walk, stand, breath, enter, exit, and talk. Pick one attitude you want to build and play with that one throughout your day. Notice how the world around and the people seem different when you embody this new positive attitude. Also, notice how others treat you differently. We could break it down to 2 ways of being one constrictive and the other expansive. So a constrictive attitude is going to get a constrictive response commonly.  An expansive attitude for example of love and play will invite others to match you.

            Best way to learn I have found is to play! So PLAY!











the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

“he vowed to take tougher action against persistent offenders”


measures, steps, activity, movement, work, operation

“the need for local community action”





a thing done; an act.

“she frequently questioned his actions”


deed, act, move, undertaking, exploit, maneuver, endeavor, effort, exertion.



           As you play with your beliefs and attitudes and align them with what you truly want your actions will be more impactful and focused. The true power in our actions comes from us being in integrity with our beliefs, attitude, and actions- it matters not if they are for good or bad for if they are aligned then impact and shape-shifting towards your will is possible. This is how companies and people we deem bad (or not for the increase of all) still get riches, power, and fame. It’s not that riches, power or fame or bad…it is at the root of the action, the belief and what it is based in fear or love that deems it good for an increase of all or not.

            So as you bring your awareness to your belief’s, attitudes, and actions- then line them up so they are all dancing the same dance then your creative power and influence are magnified.  Sometimes we can use the awareness of ourselves when we are in some form of action, to discover through questioning if this action is really aligned with the greatest good, with expansion of life, love, and liberty for all (humans, animals, and mother earth) if the action is not in alignment uncover the belief that is at its root change the belief, the attitude, and then the action!


You got this!


May integrity, joy, peace, harmony, and abundance meet you at every step of the way!

Be kind to self so you can be kind to others!

Love and forgive it all!

And PLAY into a deeper connection and full contact with life!



Damion Sharpe