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Discovering Your Genius!  

~Insights, clues, questions, and exploration into your genius~

By Damion Sharpe



How can you organize your energy and actions to match what your heart wants to manifest in the world?

What is your legacy you want to leave and weave into the world?

Behind this curiosity and drive to create from the heart is your unique design — your Genius!

I had clarity at the age of 13 of what I wanted to do: create music, act, create films, and open a restaurant. I spent some energy in creating this, but wasn’t always sure how to go about it. I had a strong desire to bring my truth and essence into my visions of my life. When I looked upon Hollywood I had a clear feeling I didn’t want to be supporting many movies that I saw, ones I judged as continuing the stories of violence and unawareness~ stereo-typing life and people.

I have over the many years found the way I want to create films. Though it took me more time and experience then I imagined it would at the age of 13, connecting with my genius has supported me in locating a path toward my vision that are connected to my heart.

On my journey through facilitating Genius Activation, I have met many who don’t know what they want to do. When venturing into what one wants to bring to the world, I have found it can be the clearer and easier way to first come to an answer of, “What do I want to do?”   Another form this question can take is, “What is my purpose in life?”


Take a moment and float this question in your mind, as you curiously open to your whole body answering the question — allow the answer to come in the form of a word or a short statement.

“What do I long to give and share with the world?”

Float this question for three or more easy deep breaths.

Next question-

“What is the essence of my gift to the world?”

Float this question for three or more easy deep breaths.


What is your medium you enjoy working with? If you enjoy creating music, math, science, construction, food, business, management, jobs, customer service, or art, that is your medium. Your essence is what you weave into and through your medium. It is what others can sense or feel through your artistry; the way you are as a manager, florist, clerk, director, gardener, and so forth.

The benefit for me in finding the essence of my genius has been in shaping the way I create in my various mediums, a way that supports my essence. What I discovered as I breathed into the question of what is underneath each doing of my genius, I saw an image of myself creating a glorious meal. I saw how I take various things and combine them into one piece of artistry. This is what I love about improv performance because I am playing with all the suggestions, feelings, and moods of the audience and myself in the moment. I do the same in my music, facilitation, and literature creations. The way I now structure my creative mediums is in alignment with this discovery. I may write out a plan or structure, but it is much looser than before. I mainly focus now on what is truly flowing and wants to emerge in the moment. From this place I am consistently surprised, amused, and inspired by life!

Now, right now, is a good time for you to adventure into your genius and its essence. For me, it has been an ongoing discovery as more is revealed as I take action in my genius zones. So, let’s explore for a few minutes and discover the unique gift you have and are to this world!


This can be done alone or with others! Fun in numbers!

If you do it with others, after your group celebration dance, share your discoveries through the exercise and ways you plan to take action to support living in your genius more!


1 – Take a few easy deep breaths feeling into the weight of your body. Notice where your breath lands with ease and allow that ease to expand through your whole body and beyond. Three or more breaths


2- Continue this easy breathing and close your eyes as you float this question in your mind, “What do I truly love to do, that when I am doing it, I loose track of time? Where, when doing it, I feel every cell in my body come alive? Where, in doing this activity, I feel a sense of freedom and spaciousness within and without?”

Let the answer float to the top of your mind. The practice here is to not focus on figuring it out but allowing the body and heart to answer and use your mind to formulate the words to describe it.

Ask this question 3+ times till you feel the answer really lands and lights you up.


You may come up with a few activities that you feel this way about. Now you can write these down if you want. These are your genius zones. These are the things that it would greatly benefit you and the world if you did these 50%-90% of the time. Starting off doing it any percent more than you are, will work wonders and open the floodgates for more opportunities to be a genius creator.


3- Now with these genius zones on your mind, and continuing your easy deep breathing, float this question, “what is underneath that?” or “what is the essence of my genius?” you can try both questions if you want. Allow the body and heart to float up the answers. You will float this question 7 +times continuing to go deeper. Your answer to this question may come as a movement, an image, a feeling, and/or words.

Thinking upon your genius, close your eyes as you float this question, “ What is underneath that?”

Breath, feel an answer arise, then float the question again. Continue 5 more times.


This is the essence of your genius.

If you want to write down what arose now is a good time.


4- Now, staying with the feeling of the essence of your genius we are going to take another journey. Breathing deep and easy, close your eyes as you float this question, “What is the thing about me that, regardless of what school I went to, who my parents were or where I grew up, would always be there?”

Ask this question 3 more times till a clear answer comes.

As you connect with this, feel it as your essence. Witness how, through your whole life, it has been there. As you breath and close your eyes again, allow your life from birth to now to flash through in a matter of a minute or more, focusing on how your essence has always been there; your innocence, your unique powerful is-ness always present, even if at times you hid it, due to fear or needing to protect yourself.

If feelings come up around certain key events or around hiding your gift, give them space to move through you. Feel them fully without attaching a story to it. Then continue the journey to the now.


This is your essence, your unique song you have brought to the world.

It is your unique deep vibration that is unmatched and unchanging.

Notice how this connects or dances with the essence of your Genius we discovered earlier. Notice how this connects through all the things you experience as your genius zones.


5- Integration~

The first thing to do for the integration of this experience is to breathe easy and deep as you appreciate yourself for your experience.

Then create a sound for creating completion of this exercise.

Next write down your experience, or just highlight it in your mind.


Now make a commitment to live in your genius 10%, 20%, 50%, 70%, 90% of the time. Say it out loud and share it with someone.


Then think upon how you can weave the essence of your genius into how you create in the world.


Doing exercise by yourself: Now create a celebration dance of your essence. Try dancing to your unique song and rhythm.


Doing the exercise with others: Create a circle and take turns each going into the circle as you and everyone celebrates your essence. Then switch who is in center of circle till all get a turn.

Now in the circle share your discoveries and ways you plan to take action to support living in your genius more!


Let your life be a work of art!

Creating from within, the spark

That activates

And ignites

Genius to flow

From the heart


Into the world

Your song is heard

Inspiring us all

To listen deeply

And share from there

Our music

Our essence

Our Genius


Thank You!