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Living From The Overflow

By Damion Sharpe


Every breath is an invitation:

To live from your wholeness

To be with what is

To release

To embrace



Over the last 5+ years I have been experiencing a feeling I can best describe as, living from the overflow. Through meditation I have tapped into this more and more. It is an experience of fullness and begins with self-love. In the overflow one drops into the truth that they are whole and complete; nothing needs to be added, fixed, or taken away. I have found it easiest to create from the overflow in areas that I am most passionate about. The bigger image I have of this is a world where all are feeling whole and complete within; thus there is no energy of trying to grab from without- healing, attention, acknowledgement, comfort…

All connections with others and the world are about sharing and celebrating from wholeness.


Some wonder questions to live into:

What would my life be like if I didn’t see myself as a fix it project?

What would I do with all that freed up energy and time?


What would it be like to see myself as whole?

What would it be like to witness others as whole?

How would I connect with others and the world from wholeness?


Take some time to create your feeling of the overflow, in this breathing exercise.

Sit or laydown and take slow easy breaths. Being with all that is. Feel the weight of your body. notice each area of your body that feels contracted and send it expansive love with your in-breath.

Notice the areas that feel expansive in your body and expand those more with each in-breath.

If there is anything that comes up as an incompletion in your life, create a completion through your breath. (When you are complete with this exercise you may decide to complete with the person. Especially complete if it still feels charged or scary after this breathing exercise, but for now do your best to create a completion through your breath.)

As you continue to notice incompletions and create completions you may experience even more space within.

Take 3+ breaths feeling a deep love for you. (If this part feels challenging think of someone you love without a doubt-can be a person or pet-feel that love for them and send it to them. Then feel and send that same love to you.)

Take 3+ breaths feeling how you are loved and held by the earth.

Now imagine there is a center place within you of all this love and energy, an ever flowing spring. It could be in the area of your heart or wherever it feels easiest to visualize it. Imagine as you are breathing in and out this energy is overflowing like a beautiful fountain.( Another image is that of an ever-overflowing chalice.)

Give yourself the gift of just breathing and experience the magic and wholeness of life flowing you.

Then begin to spread your awareness to how each drop of the overflow contacts the earth. Feel the overflow and how you are contacting your world.

Create a sound of completion that represents how you feel in this moment. Appreciating yourself for your experience.

Then slowly open your eyes.

You are complete!

Practice connecting with this before creating music/art/writing, calling someone, going into the store, playing with your children, and so on. Let this place of wholeness in you create new fun ways to connect and play with the world.

Let living from the overflow guide you in your choices and path.

Follow your passion ~ Love full~ Live full~ Play full!


Thank you

Damion Sharpe