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~Poems of Peace~ 

By Damion Sharpe



The Monkey              

By Damion Sharpe


I was young when I first adopted my monkey

He was fun and playful with many spins on the ways of the world

He loved to be on my shoulders and as I grew he did too!


Oh but the weight of carrying him everywhere

At times I just want a little relief

But my monkey and me have built a way for how to see and be in the world

He even helped me figure out who I am by pointing out my differences with others


My monkey seems to hunger for more rules

And at the same time seems so unruly:

When I want peace he reminds me what I must do.

When I want comfort he reminds me of what I’ve done.

When I want sleep he gets on hamster wheel running in circles and bumping into all my edges.


I heard someone say they are trying to get rid of their monkey!

But where do they go?

Is there an island we send them to?


Where did I actually get my monkey?

Or is it all in my mind?




















By Damion Sharpe


The very thought of it tickles me

The rhythm of it moves me

Its fragrance lifts me

As I create a dance of form and spirit


To chew in my imagination the unlimited possibilities

To bathe in the magic of life

And to laugh as a God

With the clouds in my belly

The sun at my brow

The earth at my feet




The Mirror

By Damion Sharpe


Within your eyes I see the vastness of the entire universe

Your edges inspire the air around you to celebrate

The warmth of your breath opens the blossoms of love

The sweetness of your attention nurtures the heart

Your vibration is the song of the Divine

Each of us meeting

Upon this landscape



















The landscape

By Damion Sharpe


Upon the tops of the trees

The wind takes my visions like seeds

Softly landing

Embraced by the soil

The nurturing earth


My focus like an eagle

Seeing before me the magic of creation

Rooting deep






Each of my visions

Through intention released

Unto winds of ease and abundance

In soils rich and rhythmic with nature’s song

As my hair dances in the awe of it all

Atop the trees


I see the perfection

I release the hold

Letting my dreams

Sow love and hope

Rise to the sun, the light

And illuminate the magic of life and love
















The Beginning

By Damion Sharpe


The beginning I imagine was grand

With bliss and peace all about the land

What happened?

Many try to create a fable a story to illustrate

The reason for the woes, drama, and toils in life

Who’s to blame?

Where did it come from?

What was the event that split our union?


In every moment I find the choice before me

To create connection or separation

I choose differently as my feelings swell and crash

But as I Keep my ear on the music that created this all

The sweet music that wove creation into being

Invited peace

Inspired love

And swept me right to my feet

I am that peace

I am that bliss

All about the land!



The Longing

By Damion Sharpe


It came to me as a longing

Not sure when it slipped in

At a young age I remember the longing

For connection to my mom or dad

At times it felt we were miles away

On our own islands as we were in the same room

As I aged and hair has expressed itself in many new areas

I see the game it was

How my longing for connection for contact

Was first needed within

And the opportunity it gave me to ebb and flow with my family

Where at times we meet rode the wave and at times it seemed amiss

The opportunity to have that experience again and again of not being met

Till I opened my eyes within to how I was not even meeting myself

As I have released these old stories I have began to inhabit my body more fully

I have begun the journey of listening to my body

I have begun to source my own connection

And the world seems a much kinder place

What was once void

Feels rich with life and breath