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~The Great Muse~

By Damion Sharpe


The fire burns what is ready for release to ash

Ash moistened by the waters

Seeps to the soil

Nourishing the rebirth

The evolution of life and spirit


Feel her grace in the mist of the moon

Feel her grace in the sweet air filling your lungs

Surrender into her arms

The mother divine


Feel his light penetrating and warming your skin

Feel his powerful wind directing your precision of being

Surrender into his arms

The father divine


The earth contains all the mystery and beauty

Each cell of you is the very magic of spirit manifest

Its that magic that lives beyond the physical

And through the physical


Within you are both divine father and divine mother

The sacred union is dancing within you

Awaiting your sweet surrender into the unknown

As you build this union within -the world without aligns to meet you.