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Poetry:             By Damion Sharpe


~Earth and Sky~


I see you in the clouds

I see you in the earth

Your dance is the beating of my heart


I feel you in each breath

I feel you meeting me

In every moment inviting me to connect within


I sit at your roots

Relax my spine to yours

Union of earth and sky

As I rest in your forest

Rich and abundant with life

Overflowing with grace

The wind through your branches

Singing to me a sweet lullaby




~The Newness~


The new dance

Of this moment

Unlike any

The new breathe

Full and ready

To live   To live


The new life

Upon this sacred ground

Little feet and hands exploring


The New Year

A chance to begin again

And renew our vows

To our heart

Our beloved

Within and without


The newness of every second

To release the past

And step into this new story you have woven together

With your belief’s, intentions, and love.


What wants to emerge from your depth of being?

To make full contact with life

Expanding light and magic

With your every conscious step

The newness of you